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About Megadots Ocicats Cattery
We are a CFA Registered Cattery Specializing in Chocolate Spotted and Chocolate-Silver Spotted Ocicats. All of our cats are part of the bloodline of CFA National Best of Breed ('94-'95) Grand Champion Megadots "Uno". Please read our client letters below to hear their experiences owning a beautiful Megadots Ocicat.

Letters from Our Clients
Linda & Douglas | Bartie & Laura | Ron

Dear Dottie & Bob,

"We're now approaching our third year of family life with Megadots "graduates" Bebop and his sister Kiku (both offspring of Uno), and it is almost impossible to put into words the extent to which these two have captured our attention and our hearts.

We have both had pets in the past, including cats (Siamese, Birman, Russian Blue, mixed), and while they all occupy a special place in our memories, we can honestly state that Bebop and Kiku are beyond comparison. They are playful, intelligent and affectionate people-cats. Both are always up for a game -- whether it is "fetch the sparkling fuzzy-ball" (Bebop does fetch and bring the ball back for many more rounds) or "chase the feather-on-a-fishing-rod" (Kiku is particularly adept at back flips and "helicopters" as she hunts the prey).

While they are virtually always nearby or in a lap (like our shadows) and receptive to being snuggled or stroked, they are also independent souls who love to explore the hallway or jump on top of, or inside, a closet for some quiet time.

These cats are very trainable. Linda's proudest accomplishment has been to train Kiku to use a human toilet, though Bebop remains a conscientious objector.

As the books and pamphlets say, while somewhat feral-looking (we and most people think they are beautiful cats with beautiful movements), they could not be more friendly, approachable or people-oriented (though Kiku does not love veterinarians).

At the same time as we are completely sold on the Ocicat breed -- and heartily recommend them to anyone who wants an affectionate and "interactive" pet -- we are also totally convinced that Dottie and Bob Ehlers' approach and dedication to breeding these animals and preparing them for their new homes (ours were completely litter- and scratching-post trained -- no need to even think about declawing!) makes their cats special even among the breed. We have encountered no other breeders who, three years later, are still in touch, asking how their "babies" are doing. By the way, take their advice regarding diet -- it is worth the effort.

If you are thinking about one or more Ocicats (we strongly believe two are better and easier than one -- they keep each other company, and their play with each other is a good fitness program) do yourself a favor and talk to Megadots first."

Linda and Douglas
New York City
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Dear Dottie & Bob,

Now that I’ve become a grown-up (nearly 7 months old) thought it was high time to send a letter expressing my gratitude to you both for taking such good care of me during my earliest weeks. I have only the fondest childhood memories, with my lovely mom and handsome dad, romping with my sisters and brother. I have to thank you for feeding me so well so I grew healthy and strong. And, for petting and loving me so much that I learned, at a tender age, just how to deal with you odd fur-less beings who are so sensitive to the slightest scratch. All of these good wholesome things have served me well.

I got all my humans sized up in no time. For example, I knew it would charm everyone if I sat sweetly on the 6 year old girl’s lap and let her pet me, and so I did it, as much as she wanted, making sure to purr my loudest. I saw that my main human needed to stay busy buying me cat toys that I hid under the furniture – I never let her get bored. Basically, I figured out how to become a productive member of the household right away and everyone marveled over my intelligence and adaptability.

I am almost fully-grown and I must admit that I’m just gorgeous. My lion face with deep golden eyes impresses all visitors. My coat is sleek and I don’t shed much. I have an iridescent golden glow and elegant spots. Everyone oohs and ahhs when they see me … as they should, of course.

Dr. M, my vet, was very impressed with me. She thought I was a perfect specimen and raved over my healthy body and coat. Unlike Miranda, the Bengal, who apparently had caused no end of problems for the family because she arrived at the house a few months earlier with two intestinal parasites and ringworm, (oh yecch!) I was the picture of health. Not one parasite, perfect health. The vet even raved over my “well-thought-out” vaccination regimen and felt she could not improve on it at all. She couldn’t believe, at my tender age, that I had already learned to retract my claws the minute that they came in contact with a human’s skin. This, in contrast to Miranda, the Bengal, who turned out gentle – though skittish – but not before covering everyone with crisscrosses of bloody scratches for several months.

So, in summary, I am having a wonderful busy life these days and I want to thank you for raising me so well to be a well-adjusted, happy, healthy cat. My main human says she appreciates this very much too and she is so delighted that after her rough times raising Miranda, with her initial wildness and poor health, that she thoroughly researched breeders and found you.

With a flourish of tail,
Megadots Bartholomeow of Noblewisker (aka Bartie)
Laura - Princeton NJ

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Dear Dottie & Bob,

I wanted to take this time to thank you for giving me such loving Ocicats. I would say that this “good natured ness” is due to the wonderful loving environment that you provide for these animals during their early imprinting months and the fact that you refuse to let them go before three months time, as other breeders were willing to do, which gives them the space they need to feel confident and comfortable with their environment so that they can go into a new home and properly adjust.

I have now purchased four of these wonderful animals from you, and would say that each one’s personality is unique and different, but more important, inquisitive and loving. These cats that you breed are so good-natured, and they adapt well to almost any environment and family setting.

I have had Jorma now, the Fawn Spotted for almost three weeks. I was concerned that he and Pluto, my other almost nine month Chocolate Spotted male might have difficulty adjusting to each other. The “blanket trick” worked, and they now sleep together limbs entwined and lick and nip at each other as if they had always been together.

You both have always been there to answer any questions I might have about the cats, whether it be medical or psychological. It seems like you have an endless wellspring of knowledge about them, and that is the reason I have had such success and joy with them.

I thank you wholeheartedly for adding these wonderful animals to my life and I would be happy to be contacted by prospective purchasers who might need questions answered or who might have concerns that need to be addressed.

Keep up the good work.


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