Wild LookLoving Nature

We breed wildly beautiful, deeply affectionate Ocicats.

Quality Breeding

We have been selectively breeding high-quality, wildly beautiful, and deeply affectionate Ocicats for over 40 years. 

Outstanding Personalities

Our Ocicats are people-loving; affectionate, adaptable, curious, sociable and interactive.

Lovingly Socialized

Every Megadots Ocicat kitten is raised as one of our own, in our family's home. Our love and socialization efforts set us apart. 

Megadots Ocicats Cattery

Friendship Has Spots

"God made the cat in order that man might have the pleasure of caressing the lion."

-Fernand Méry

Exotic looks, affectionate temperament - the Ocicat is a breed set apart. Your next best friend is incredibly intelligent, lovable, and carefully bred and socialized to adapt to your household. Naturally curious and highly social, the Ocicat is renowned for forging deep and lasting relationships with their humans.

Our Ocicats!

Meet our Kings, Queens & Kittens!


New little ones are born year-round! For kitten availability, please contact us by email or call 267.306.0624.

Happy "Tails" from Ocicat Clients

Alex and Will Ocicats Megadots

"We have had Megadots ocicats for over 20 years. All of their cats are healthy, beautiful, friendly, and well-socialized. They have become integral members of our family. Our current two get along beautifully with our dog... READ MORE TESTIMONIALS!

Laura and Lawrence

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Meiko and Magoo Ocicats

I hope everyone looking for an Oci chooses Megadots because there is no better breeder and friend than Dottie....READ MORE TESTIMONIALS!


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I would 100% recommend Megadots Ocicats! We got our two amazing cats, Otto and Twister through Dottie, she was so easy to work with and made it such an enjoyable experience getting our little bundles of joy!....READ MORE TESTIMONIALS!

Ronnie and Chelsey

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The most amazing thing about ocicats besides their athletic ability is their gentle nature...Each brings us daily joy and constant entertainment. They’re almost two years old now and we can’t imagine life without them.....READ MORE TESTIMONIALS!

Ariel, Kris & Rylie

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