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We breed wildly beautiful, deeply affectionate Ocicats.


Megadots Ocicats is a CFA Registered Cattery Specializing in Chocolate Spotted, Ebony, Silver, Cinnamon, Lavender, Chocolate-Silver and occasionally Solid Chocolate and Classic Tabby Ocicats. All of our cats are part of the bloodline of CFA National Best of Breed ('94-'95) Grand Champion Megadots "Uno". Please read our client testimonials to hear their experiences owning a beautiful Megadots Ocicat. Read below to learn more about Ocicats and about Megadots!

Ocicat Beauty Comes in Many Colors and Patterns

About Megadots Ocicats - Our Story

Grand Champion Megadots Lola Falana (past Queen)
Grand Champion Megadots Double Dutch (past Queen)

Here at Megadots Ocicats we have been selectively breeding high-quality, wildly beautiful, and deeply affectionate Ocicats for over 40 years. Our Ocicat journey first began by going to just "look" at a male Ocicat, but like many others who first encounter the breed - once we held him we had to have him. I remember going to multiple ATM machines to pool our resources so we could pay in cash for this sweet and striking kitty. It was love at first sight for all of us. Our first Ocicat's name was Starbaby.

Years later, a kitten was born who was exceptional - truly phenomenal.  We named him "Uno," our #1, and boy was he! The next step was to test his merit and ours at a show at the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association). We rapidly learned that we weren't the only ones that noticed Uno's remarkable beauty and friendly, playful demeanor.

Uno was soon a Grand Champion and much to our amazement landed the prestigious title of National Winner. Our boy dressed up in magnificent spots and ribbons to prove it.

It was then we decided that it would be great fun to find Uno a spotted lady for his mate. The Megadots Ocicats breeding program was born! The success of our cattery really has its foundations in the exceptional characteristics of our beloved champion cats, but also the love poured into each kitten from the moment they are born. Scroll further on this page to read about the breeding and socialization philosophy that sets up apart.

Our story goes to show that you might find the loves of your life when you least expect it! Our experience has brought us on an incredible journey to help many others find their loves too. But none of this would be possible without the affectionate, loyal, personable, adaptable and remarkably beautiful breed - the Ocicat.

Dottie Ehlers
Megadots Ocicats Founder

About Ocicats - Wild Spots, Itelligent Minds, Agile Bodies, Tame Hearts

"God made the [domestic] cat in order that man might have the pleasure of caressing the lion.''

-Fernand Méry


The Ocicat embodies this quote (above) from French veterinarian Fernand Méry perfectly! An exterior that is wild and exotic, with a short (little to no shed) spotted coat like a leopard, and elongated tail and ears; their marvelous agility, poise, and muscular build are reminiscent of a wild jungle cat. However, unlike most other spotted cat breeds, the Ocicat's heredity is entirely domestic! That means they have no wild blood - just a long history of healthy and careful breeding both for spots and for an extremely loving, outgoing and adaptable disposition. Because of their heredity, Ocicats are also less likely to suffer from any major health problems. They possess such a broad genetic base that the Ocicat has been successful in avoiding problems associated with inbreeding.



Many people are first attracted to the Ocicat for his wild looks, but they fall in love with his people-loving, companionable, loyal personality.

This breed loves human interaction so much they will follow their people from room to room just to see what they are up to. The intelligence of this breed is quite impressive! Ocicats are generally very receptive to training. Many are capable of opening cupboard doors and many in a "dog-like" manner will fetch balls or head out on a leash for walks. Some Ocicats readily learn tricks and can be trained to use a human toilet. In our Megadots Testimonials you can read stories of our Ocicat kittens leaving us for diverse and unusual lives - very accepting of children, other pets, travel, and even one pair that live full time at sea! Each cat is an individual, but words that sum up the Ocicat temperament well are affectionate, adaptable, curious, sociable and interactive.

26373 Dottie
Chocolate Spotted Megadots Ocicat
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IMG_7755 Dottue
image000001 2
-_131859 Dottie
-_122027 Dottie

Growing Up Megadots - A Part of our Family from Day One

As you can tell from reading our Ocicat client testimonials, the success of our breeding program and our happy pairing of clients and kitties comes in large part from our unique socialization approach. Every Megadots kitten is raised as one of our own, in our family's home. And yes, they sleep in our beds! Each member of our family (even the grandkids) is intimately involved in raising each little Ocicat. Birthing queens are each given a private bedroom in our home for maximum privacy and bonding until they and their kittens are ready to integrate into our larger Ocicat family. Then the exploring and excitement really begins! We feed only the best food because we want the best results for their future families.

Socialization is hard work! It's also a lot of fun. Every kitten cuddle, and every new introduction or experience is setting important groundwork that will give you a confident, well-adjusted adult cat. Your kitten has a safe and loving HOME with us from the moment it is born, until the moment it enters yours.

To us, the most rewarding part of breeding Ocicats is our unique privilege to watch them grow into such fabulous, well-adjusted, loving creatures. We nurture them with love and care for them as our own. They spend their days growing, climbing and exploring our couches, tables, television sets, and laps. At Megadots, kittens are delightfully underfoot - never in cages. It is a privilege to play such a quintessential part of their growing up from birth. And because we have over 40 years of experience raising Ocicats, you can trust our proven socialization methods.

As they grow, we witness each kitten develop its own unique personality. This is important - it allows us to identify which special family will continue these positive patterns for a wonderful fit for all.

Our kittens grow to understand the meaning of trust - both given and received. They will require families who will honor and uphold that trust. We have a very selective process for the babies' potential homes.

Ultimately, our kittens and cats thrive in many different kinds of loving, safe homes because they are already well-adapted and accustomed to ours.

Are you interested in kitten availability or our upcoming Ocicat litters? We'd love to get to know you and chat about whether an Ocicat could be a good fit for your household. Please head to our Megadots contact page to inquire!

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