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We breed wildly beautiful, deeply affectionate Ocicats.


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We know what you're here for! No one can resist these adorable sweet spots and cuddly personalities. Our Ocicat kittens are from Grand Champion bloodlines and are available to take home after 12 weeks of age. All kittens are FeLV negative and are given the proper vaccinations. Our Ocicat kittens follow a proven and very intentional process of socialization in our home. How we raise each kitten truly sets us apart from other breeders. Please read up on our socialization philosophy and how your future kitten is raised. All our kittens go to good and loving homes fully confident and prepared to take on a variety of home environments and lifestyles.

ADOPTION AGE: Four months is the best time to bring your kitty home, as it is the age their immune system is complete and people are more important than mom and siblings. However, some kittens are ready to go at the age of three months.

Megadots Ocicats Founding Champion - Uno

Many of our current Queens are offspring of Grand Champion Uno, and are out-crossed with our current Kings. We have quite a few grand champions, regional winners, distinguished merit and national breed winners. All of our lovely Ocicat queens and kings produce beautifully spotted and sweet kittens of superior quality and temperament.

Megadots Ocicats Queens

Megadots Ocicats King - Mikimoto

Megadots Ocicats King - Bobby Bouchet

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