We breed wildly beautiful, deeply affectionate Ocicats.


Our clients are important to us - many return again and again to add to their feline family. We keep in touch and love to hear how our kittens develop, mature, and integrate into their new homes. Decades of experience mean that we offer fantastic help and advice. Careful upbringing and socialization means that your new Ocicat is ready for the beautiful life with you ahead.

You'll see a common theme in our testimonials - that Ocicat families fall in love with the breed, experience very few behavioral problems, and can't imagine life without an Ocicat (or three!).

We hope that after reading about the experiences of other happy Ocicat households, you'll soon be "seeing spots" in your household too!

Alex and Will Ocicats Megadots

"We can’t recommend Megadots enough!"

"We have had Megadots ocicats for over 20 years. All of their cats are healthy, beautiful, friendly, and well-socialized. They have become integral members of our family. Our current two get along beautifully with our dog.

Dot involved us from the day our cats were born, so they felt like family the day we took them home. We can’t recommend Megadots enough!"

Laura and Lawrence
Ocicat Owners

"...there is no better breeder"

We live in Connecticut but travel to Megadots in Pennsylvania to the best OCICAT breeder we know. Having a long history with Ocicats, we have familied 6 and recently homed our 4th kitty Meiko (girl) from Megadots.

Dottie’s communication with us was terrific during the 12 week wait.  She provided updates, pictures and videos, texts, developmental milestones, advice and recommendations on food choices, introduction tactics, name choices and behavioral observations. 

Megadots is fabulous at socializing her kittens with her beautiful grandchildren Will and Winter. My babies still miss all the love and attention they got from Winter! As such, our babies Meiko and Magoo (Chocolate boy) have such wonderful temperaments. They love to show off with friends and family, are inseparable together and love to play, eat and sleep with Mommy and Daddy. We couldn’t be happier with our latest addition. Meiko might be the most beautiful, extremely rare dark chocolate on chocolate Oci I have ever seen. 

I hope everyone looking for an Oci chooses Megadots because there is no better breeder and friend than Dottie.

Eileen G.
Ocicat Owner

Meiko and Magoo Ocicats

"We can’t imagine our lives without them!"

I would 100% recommend Megadots Ocicats! We got our two amazing cats, Otto and Twister through Dottie, she was so easy to work with and made it such an enjoyable experience getting our little bundles of joy!

Otto and Twister really are best friends. They are so playful and fun but also cuddly and sweet. They love to play with toys they can chase and are so fast. They also love to cuddle us on the couch and are truly part of our family. We love them so much and can’t imagine our lives without them!

Ronnie and Chelsey
Ocicat Owners

"The most amazing thing about ocicats (besides their athletic ability) is their gentle nature."

Nory and Tigger were born on October 11th, 2020. Dottie was very good about sending us pictures and updates until the long awaited day we got to take our babies home. She was also very helpful and responsive to the questions we had as new cat owners afterwards. 

They are now both definitely people lovers. They follow us around the house, always interested in what we’re doing and wanting to be nearby.

Each cat has a distinct personality. Nory loves to play and “hunt” all day. She will fetch toy mice and springs. She performs high backflips when going for a feather/ribbon toy on a stick. She’s very vocal when not getting enough attention and will drop a toy at your feet to let you know what she wants.

Tigger loves to snuggle all day. He crawls into laps when we’re working from home, crawls under the bed covers for snuggles in the morning, and demands frequent head rubs throughout the day. When he’s not napping, he’s our daredevil. He will be the first one to explore new areas and  jump on top of cabinets, doorways, and whatever else he can climb.

The most amazing thing about ocicats besides their athletic ability is their gentle nature. Neither cat has ever purposely scratched or bitten us (even though the child tends to manhandle them a bit). Each brings us daily joy and constant entertainment. They’re almost two years old now and we can’t imagine life without them. Nory & Tigger truly complete our little family.

Ariel, Kris & Rylie
Ocicat Owners

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"We have never been disappointed!"

My husband and I have been so fortunate to have Dottie Ehlers and her Ocicats in our lives.

We met Dottie over 25 years ago at a cat show. The very first show for us and we were immediately smitten by her amazing Grand Champion Uno. Not only was he magnificent to look at, he was a true gentle giant.  We traveled to her home with our two young children to meet some kittens that were available.  I fell in love with one female “teen cat” at once. Literally, we gazed into each other's eyes.  One cat committed herself to me at once. That was Mona and soon my husband had to have another cat for himself. Along came Mosti Khan.

We continue to reach out to Dottie to fill our home with beauty, joy and fun. We have never been disappointed. Currently we are loving our two cats Dill and Miss Pinky. If you are thinking of an Ocicat, think of Dottie Ehler’s cattery, Megadots. She is a very wonderful woman with engaging beautiful cats. She is committed to you and your future cat's happiness.

Lisa and Kev
Ocicat Owners

"I Would not adopt from anyone else"

We adopted brothers Opie and Peri in the winter and they have been entertaining us since.  As you know, we adopted from you many years ago and finally decided it was time to have the little paw pitter-patter in our home again.

I would not adopt from anyone else; you love your kittens so well that it shows up in their behavior.  They love to play with the wire; cardboard on the end of it and of course each other.  Thanks again for helping us expand our little family.

The Fords
Ocicat Owners

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"Happy, Healthy, Fun Buddies."

We are happily owned by: Ozzie (warm chocolate), Yogi (lavender), Sabine (classic chocolate silver), Diogenes (chocolate silver), and Taigu (classic chocolate).

While each cat is completely different from each other, they are all happy, healthy, fun buddies.  They all play with each other, are well-behaved, and hang out with us wherever we are. They are good eaters, and don’t have any litterbox issues.

Dottie is our favorite cat lady—she made the selection process easy, friendly, and fun for us every time.  For all these reasons, Megadots gets our highest recommendation!

Lora and Mort
Ocicat Owners

"Adapt Well to almost any environment and family setting"

I wanted to take this time to thank you for giving me such loving Ocicats. I would say that this “good natured-ness” is due to the wonderful loving environment that you provide for these animals during their early imprinting months and the fact that you refuse to let them go before three months time, as other breeders were willing to do, which gives them the space they need to feel confident and comfortable with their environment so that they can go into a new home and properly adjust.

I have now purchased four of these wonderful animals from you, and would say that each one’s personality is unique and different, but more important, inquisitive and loving. These cats that you breed are so good-natured, and they adapt well to almost any environment and family setting.

I have had Jorma now, the Fawn Spotted for almost three weeks. I was concerned that he and Pluto, my other almost nine month Chocolate Spotted male might have difficulty adjusting to each other. The “blanket trick” worked, and they now sleep together limbs entwined and lick and nip at each other as if they had always been together.

You both have always been there to answer any questions I might have about the cats, whether it be medical or psychological. It seems like you have an endless wellspring of knowledge about them, and that is the reason I have had such success and joy with them.

I thank you wholeheartedly for adding these wonderful animals to my life and I would be happy to be contacted by prospective purchasers who might need questions answered or who might have concerns that need to be addressed.

Keep up the good work.

Ocicat Owner


"the Perfect addition to our Little Family."

Thank you so much for my wonderful boys. I got Tetley because I needed a buddy. I was going through a rough time and he was just what I needed. He’s been my ESA and rock throughout all of life’s challenges in the past few years. He’s a shy but super affectionate, and goofy boy who’s gaining confidence everyday after being a “pandemic baby”.

In typical cat-mom fashion, I wanted a sibling for Tetley. I work primarily from home but on the days I do go into work I wanted him to have a buddy. Thank you for picking out the perfect addition to our little family. Tetley loves his little brother even when Soba can’t get enough of Tetley’s attention. They get along so well and Soba has fit right into the ESA roll with his outgoing, cuddly personality. 

 They’re both so smart! Tetley loves to play fetch and Soba has learned how to sit! I can’t wait to see what other tricks I can teach them. Their favorite thing to do together, other than play, is to get up under my covers and snuggle; it’s even better if I’m under the covers too. And despite them having different personalities they both have no problem vocalizing their (mostly separate) opinions on things. 

Thank you so much for the joy you have brought into my life.

Ciara Williams
Ocicat Owner

"could not be more friendly, approachable or people-oriented"

We're now approaching our third year of family life with Megadots "graduates" Bebop and his sister Kiku (both offspring of Uno), and it is almost impossible to put into words the extent to which these two have captured our attention and our hearts.

We have both had pets in the past, including cats (Siamese, Birman, Russian Blue, mixed), and while they all occupy a special place in our memories, we can honestly state that Bebop and Kiku are beyond comparison. They are playful, intelligent and affectionate people-cats. Both are always up for a game -- whether it is "fetch the sparkling fuzzy-ball" (Bebop does fetch and bring the ball back for many more rounds) or "chase the feather-on-a-fishing-rod" (Kiku is particularly adept at back flips and "helicopters" as she hunts the prey).

While they are virtually always nearby or in a lap (like our shadows) and receptive to being snuggled or stroked, they are also independent souls who love to explore the hallway or jump on top of, or inside, a closet for some quiet time.

We have told the story a hundred times how you - when you learned our new kitties would be living on a boat cruising full time - said basically trust me and wait for a mellow pair. We cannot imagine kitties with better dispositions cruising full time then back on land. we adore them.

These cats are very trainable. Linda's proudest accomplishment has been to train Kiku to use a human toilet, though Bebop remains a conscientious objector.

As the books and pamphlets say, while somewhat feral-looking (we and most people think they are beautiful cats with beautiful movements), they could not be more friendly, approachable or people-oriented (though Kiku does not love veterinarians).

At the same time as we are completely sold on the Ocicat breed -- and heartily recommend them to anyone who wants an affectionate and "interactive" pet -- we are also totally convinced that Dottie and Bob Ehlers' approach and dedication to breeding these animals and preparing them for their new homes (ours were completely litter- and scratching-post trained -- no need to even think about declawing!) makes their cats special even among the breed. We have encountered no other breeders who, three years later, are still in touch, asking how their "babies" are doing. By the way, take their advice regarding diet -- it is worth the effort.

If you are thinking about one or more Ocicats (we strongly believe two are better and easier than one -- they keep each other company, and their play with each other is a good fitness program) do yourself a favor and talk to Megadots first."

Linda and Douglas
Ocicat Owners

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"Well-behaved Indoor Cats...a perfect fit for my home"

In 2015, I was in search of my second pair of Ocicats, about a year after the death of the second cat of my first pair.  I contacted a few other breeders, but something just did not seem right about each of those.  So I went to a national authority on the breed who recommended Megadots Ocicats.

Dottie worked with me in a very business-like and caring manner to make sure I was a good fit for her prize kittens. (She won’t just sell them to anyone!)  The price was fair and the business arrangement straightforward.  Living on the west coast, she worked with me in a most accommodating manner to drive from her home in Pennsylvania to the Philadelphia airport for the handoff, even bringing a couple of grandkids along for proper “supervision”.

The cats are a perfect fit to my home; well behaved indoor cats that have never made a mess or torn up anything I can remember.  Of course they are Ocicats – so get ready for athletic achievement of the highest order – the places they have been are outrageous!  And, they are, at 7 years old, adapting very well to their new roommate – a Brittany puppy!  Team!

Ocicat Owner

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